HE 402




·      Reduces airborne dust and improves air quality

·      Highly versatile and suitable for any space

·      Push-fit connector for quick installation

·      Humidistat adjustable between 20% and 90% humidity

·      Silent

·      Easy to connect to a tap

·      For an optimal indoor climate



For optimum performance, this humidifier requires water pressure of minimum 1.5 bar. The humidifier was designed for inlet temperatures of 28/30°C. Its inbuilt heater therefore only switches on if required in order to achieve the desired capacity. No heat radiation is generated outside of the machine. This makes it the most efficient humidifier on the market. It is NOT A MIST MAKER but instead a humidifier.


The HE 402 was designed to process 600/700 m³ of air. We supply the 200PRO Max fan already mounted to the product. Other fans can also be connected to it.


An important point is that all electrical equipment, such as electric water valves, fans and heating elements, is switched on at the same time by the humidistat supplied. This ensures that the air humidification process is efficient.


Attaching an air distribution hose to the humidifier will greatly boost humidity distribution and this will also improve the humidistat’s measurements.


The accuracy of the humidistat is determined by its position. Mount it in a position where humidity is required.


As an option, a filter cloth can be attached to the Max fan in order to help keep the humidifier dust-free. Note that this does not affect air capacity. An additional benefit offered by the humidifier is that it cools the air when switched on. The HE 402 can deliver a cooling capacity of maximum 2.2 kW.


Specifications for the HE 402

Max. cooling capacity

2275 watts


258 x 344 x 340 mm

Max. humidification capacity

0-9 litres/hour

Power consumption

Max. 830 watts

Max. water consumption

9 litres per hour

Water supply

Min. pressure 1.5 bar

Water discharge

15 mm PVC pipe

Max. air volume

700 m3/hour

Air duct connection

Use an R200 mm or

R250 mm connector


The best solution for humidifying spaces without mist